Technical SEO Audit

Google has an increasing demand for good expirience users. The domain must be free of any errors and friendly in traversing it. Google’s algorithms measure a lot of signals that ultimately are responsible for your domain’s ranking. Success is when your domain meets all of them.

Our SEO Audits contain precise and detailed data in the field of: domain speed, canonical errors, meta tag and title tags errors, page audit, HTML optimization and much more. AFTER optimizing your domain, it will be better visible on the network and your customers will be able to enjoy the extra experience of working with you.

Check what our SEO team can do for you

Our achievements regarding work on SEO are connected with many professions. We provide you with great optimized page content, modern 3D graphics, personalized website appearance and we will even record an advertising spot.

SEO Consultancy

We will make sure that the SEO strategy we have created for you is unique and meets all your expectations. We consult with you regularly to ensure that even the smallest detail of your SEO campaign is realized.

Onsite SEO

As you probably know, browsers use different types of algorithms that are responsible for verifying the content of the domain and assigning it to the ranking. We will make sure that your domain is properly configured in every way, from the speed of loading to the schema mark-up.

Keyword & Market Research

Professionally selected and tailored keywords for your business guarantee that your product or service will reach the right customer. The SEO tools we use allow for precise estimates related to this.
Then, each keyword, its position and performance is carefully monitored by us.

Penalty Recovery

We will help you free yourself from Google's criminal filters related to algorithms such as Panda and Penguin. We will remove errors made by them or by third parties who have dealt with your domain in the past.

Technical SEO Audit

We use the best software available on the market for indexing and verifying the website from the technical side of SEO. Thanks to a thorough technical audit, your website will achieve maximum visibility on the Internet because we will know what needs to be improved so the search engine can efficiently index and crawl your domain.


If you plan to transfer your domain to another server or you have a problem with updating the domain from any other area, we will certainly help you. We have extensive experience in this field and practical methods so that you can avoid the problems in the future.