Analytics Consultancy

Analytics Consultancy consists of both analyzing the quality of the domain and the amount of its content. The goal of Analytics is to improve the website so that visitors can enjoy the best results.

By working with SEO Cat you will have insight into all the results of your domain analysis, and thus knowledge about its performance.

The Importance of Analytics

Thanks to a clear and precise definition of what is happening on your site, you will know how to improve your offer and attract new customers.

Account Strategy

Analysis of your account in terms of performance and its correct structure. Action planning, ecommerce tracking and customer reporting.

Data Troubleshooting

During various types of updates to your domains, some analytical data may be lost. Our Google Analytics specialists are able to indicate the reason for loss and recover lost data.


Nowadays, the correct attribution of conversions is extremely complicated due to multi-channeling. By examining each of them, we are able to implement analytical factors in your domain's progress planning.

Measurement Models

Analytics will help you define the goals of your website, there are domains whose goal is clearly defined, e.g. e-commerce, which aims to sell as many products as possible. There are also domains whose purpose is not clearly defined.

Visitor Behaviour

It's not enough to know how many people visited your site, or what time of day they did it. To make the most of your site's potential, you should plan a trip for your visitors

Trend Analysis

Thanks to our analysts who, based on measured behaviour of visitors to your site, present you with an action plan, will increase sales!

Data Verification

The data you register must inspire full confidence. We will help you make the most of all new and existing information.

Mobile App Activity

More and more domain visits are made via mobile devices. Due to the fact that visits do not take place on the site, some of the analytical data may be lost. In this matter, we will make sure that this does not happen.

Ongoing Reporting

Thanks to thoroughly presented retail reports, the domain owner will be able to make the right decisions for the future.